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"Collegiate wrestling, sometimes known in the United States as Folkstyle wrestling, is a style of amateur wrestling practiced at the collegiate and university level in the United States. Collegiate wrestling, by and large, emerged from the folk wrestling styles practiced in the early history of the United States. This style, with some slight modifications, is also practiced at the high school and middle school levels, and also among younger participants, where it is known as scholastic wrestling. These names help distinguish collegiate wrestling from other styles of wrestling that are practiced around the world such as those in the Olympic Games: Freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Collegiate wrestling, like its international counterpart, freestyle wrestling, has its greatest origins in catch-as-catch-can wrestling and, in both styles, the ultimate goal is to pin the opponent to the mat, which results in an immediate win. Collegiate and freestyle wrestling, unlike Greco-Roman, also both allow the use of the wrestler's or his opponent's legs in offense and defense. Yet collegiate wrestling has had so many influences from the wide variety of folk wrestling styles brought into the country that it has become distinctly American."

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"What is Championship Access?"

Every Champ Access product is more than just a simple video. It is actually three simultaneous video streams from different angles that you can instantly switch between. Championship Access is more than just "some coach" teaching. It includes World Level Coaches AND Olympic Athletes demonstrating correct technique that they use to win matches. Championship Access is an interactive library that increases your learning and comprehension success by a factor of 250%.

Our job as parents or coaches is to help our wrestler win more matches. Student athletes passionately use interactive multi-media. If you doubt me take their PlayStation, Xbox or remote control away. For that matter, take the remote control away from yourself. We live in a world of interactive media. We want to move back and forth and decide what we watch and how long we watch it. Championship Access is the next generation of sports training and it works by giving you the powerful resource of multi-media interactivity.

Championship Access gives you what no other learning system can; interactive communication through video, audio and text instruction coupled with world level athletes who never get tired demonstrating the skills.

Good coaching breaks down skills and helps athletes perform. Great coaching effectively communicates those skills. These DVDs and CD-ROMs are the best learning system in the sport and we unconditionally guarantee them.

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Here is a complete list of skills contained on the six Championship Access Folkstyle CD-ROMs plus the bonus disc included with the boxset.

Folkstyle CD #1 - Attacks
•Squared Stance for Motion
•Stance and Attack Drill
•Shadow Motion Drill for Stance
•Attack Stance
•Lower Level with Attack Stance
•Recovering Out of the Sprawl (Tony)
•Recovering Out of the Sprawl (Sammie)
•Monkey Grip
•Thumbs In
•Double Leg Take Down
•Angle Single Leg
•Drive Single From Inside Controls
•Inside Tie to Post High C
•Fireman?s Carry
•Real Time Fireman?s Carry
•Outside Fireman?s Carry
•Angle Single - Finish From Feet
•Ankle Pick
•Fake to a Snap Down
•Low Level Single Leg (Shadow)
•Low Level Single Leg (Drill)

Folkstyle CD #2 - Set Ups
•Tripod Elbow Pass
•Drag Double
•Pop the Head to a Double Leg
•High C off of a Head Snap
•Snap Double
•Angle Single
•Fore Arm Snap to Single Leg
•Inside Tie to Post and Double Leg
•Head Single
•Setups for High C Double and Single
•Throw By
•Posting the Head
•Underhooks Set for the High Crotch
•Post Both Elbows to Double Leg
•Low Level Single if the Opponent Falls on Top
•Single Leg Attack
•Underhook to Single Leg
•Fake Snap Down to Sp[in Behind
•Underhook to Single Leg

Folkstyle CD #3 - Finishes
•Low Level Finish When Opponent Falls on Top
•Another Low Level Finish
•Locks in the Crotch from Low Level Attack
•Inside Position to Two-on-One
•#1 Finish from the Two-on-One
•#2 Finish from the Two-on-One
•#3 Finish from the Two-on-One
•Two-on-One to Single Two-on-One Kick to Single
•Defending the Two-on-One
•Escape from Two-on-One to Underhook
•Clear Two-on-One to Throat
•Clearing Underhooks
•Defend the Two-on-One
•Finish High C
•High Crotch to Sprawl and Pinning Combination
•Angle Single - High Level Finish
•Single Shoot to Beat a Wizzer
•Single Leg Shot - Hip Lock to a Wizzer
•Cut Across Single Leg Shot
•Single Leg - Run the Pipe
•Single Leg to Far Leg
•Single Leg

Folkstyle CD #4 - Defenses
•Pick Up a Leg to Head Trip
•Pick Up a Leg to Knee Trip
•Front Headlock
•Down Block and Short Arm
•Down Block to Head an Arm
•Down Block to Cradle
•Head Lock to Knee Tap
•Front Headlock to Circle Snap
•Defend the Front Head Lock
•Single Leg Defense
•Snap Head to Outside
•Single Le Walk Over
•Defend High Level Single Leg
•Leg Up Defense
•High C Defense
•High C Defense Head Control
•High C Arm Lock
•Knee block
•Collar Tie Throw By
•Collar Tie to Single Leg
•Crack Down to Outside Shoulder
•High C Crack Down

Folkstyle CD #5 - Escapes
•Stand Up
•Hand Control
•Stand Up Rotate Away
•Fighting Hands
•Attack the High Hand
•Fighting Hands - Chest Punch
•Fighting Hands - Attack the Face
•Fighting Hands - Redirect
•Standing Switch
•Build a Base
•Mule Kick
•Tri-Pod to Roll
•Escape From Legs In
•The Sammy Slam Switch
•Switch to Inside Hip
•Buck Up to Tri Pod
•Stand Ups
•Stand Up to Post Hand
•Stand Up from Chop Slap to Belly
•Swisher Stand Up
•Stand Up from Opponent?s Spiral
•Bring Opponent Back to the Mat

Folkstyle CD #6 - Rides and Turns
•Stopping the First Move on the Whistle
•Break Down to Tight Waist
•Spiral Ride Break Down
•Spiral Ride to Arm Bar
•Spiral Ride to Lay on the Arm
•Thread the Needle
•Thread Needle to Step Over
•Overbar to Turn
•Arm Bar Pull Back
•Far Arm Bar to Near Half
•Tight Waist to Cheap Tilt
•Cheap Tilt to Cross Face
•Cross Face to Tricep
•Throw Legs In
•Two-on-One Wrist to Half Nelson
•Two-on-One to Leg
•Two-on-One to Cheap Tilt
•Two-on-One to Near Fall
•Leg Rides to Break Down
•Turk Ride to Far Arm
•Break Down to Power Half
•Kick to Power Half
•Cross body turn to the legs
•Break Down to Power Half
•Kick to Power Half

Note: An additional bonus disc is included with the purchase of the Championship Access Folkstyle CD-ROMs.

Folkstyle CD #7 - Throws and Drills (a/k/a The Bonus Disc)
•body lock to a throw
•step in and sit in chair
•head & arm throw
•arm spin
•reshot drill
•snap drill
•downblocking drill
•shots drill
•finishes drill off single legs
•motion stance drill
•defense drill
•standup drill

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