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Duncan Leung - Applied Wing Chun, The Kicks

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1-Tiu Gurk
2-Dung Gurk
3-Joh Gurk
4-Chai Gurk
5-Chaang Gurk
6-Dang Gurk
7-Tan Gurk
8-Soh Gurk
9-Wall Exercises
10- Applications & Sparring

SiFu Duncan Leung is a disciple of the Wing Chun Grand Master Yip Man, and a former classmate of Bruce Lee. He has been teaching Wing Chun in the United States for more than twenty years. This included teaching the United States FBI, the Navy Seals, and various Police Institutions. His unique training methods provide the students with a proper understanding and instruction in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. His training methods also allow his students to gain better fighting skills through the use of Wing Chun in real fighting situations. This is Applied Wing Chun. It is in this same spirit of instructing that SiFu has made 6 Videos. The Videos are designed to teach the principles of 1st and 2nd Forms, Chi Sau, Trapping Hands and Training Drills and Wooden Man and Kicks. They are personally narrated by SiFu. They also includes his comments on various fighting techniques.
As one of a handful of select students to have been personally trained by the late Grandmaster Yip (Ip) Man, Sifu Duncan Leung has gone on to forge a formidable reputation of his own in the wide world of Wing Chun kung fu. It was a reputation earned through not only teaching US police SWAT teams and other elite units in hand-to-hand combat strategies, but through the many challenge fights that led Leung to apply the lessons learnt in developing his own take on the Chinese kung fu system, which he calls Applied Wing Chun.

A common assumption is that wing chun is nearly all hand techniques. Wing chun has very good kicking techniques. Some say there are 8 kicks. There are 8 sources of kicks. They are delivered from different sources of power, and they can be used in different ways in different situations. Many kicks can come from one source. They are somewhat complex and hard to learn. They just take practice and understanding. For this reason, most of the kicks are not taught until the student has mastered the hands, stance, and movement. So, if you drop out in the first year of training, you will miss the best kicks in martial arts!
SiFu Duncan Leung

DURING THE EARLY FIFTIES in Hong Kong the Chinese martial arts were very popular to the young people and the working class. There were all kinds of styles available such as Hung Gar, White Crane, Dragon style and Choy Lai Fut, but Wing Chun no one had heard of. A young man from Foshan, China, Yip Man, was there in those days. He learned the style in China and later on furthered his training from Leung Bik. He began his teaching in the Restaurant Association. Later on he had his own little school in his house in the resettlement area with 100-150 sq. ft. of space. Years went by and he had taught quite a few good students; therefore, the style was becoming known to the public. At that time different styles challenged each other privately and often. Early students from Yip Man like Lok Yiu and Wong Sheung Leung were the most active and did very well in all the fights. The Kowloon Motor Bus Company main service station was located only a few blocks from Yip Man's school and the workers were first to join the school after the restaurant workers. Then the school kids from nearby St. Frances Xavier started to join including Bruce Lee and Hawkins Cheung. The economy was very bad at that time. Refugees from China entered Hong Kong by the hundreds daily and finding a job for everyone was hard. Wages were low and the hours were long. This made it very hard to find time for students to train. The early students like Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu and Wong Sheung Leung opened their own schools and some like Tsui Sheung Tin began to teach privately.
Prior to his death in 1972, Yip Man had stopped teaching but was consulted about Wing Chun. He had a hard life in the early years in Hong Kong but in his old age some rich students like Dung Sing and Chan Jee Chu, police detectives of The Hong Kong Royal Police, began to support him. He was considered the head of the Wing Chun family and had a few good years before his death. Unfortunately, he did not name a successor to carry on the leadership of Wing Chun. It is possible that he had not found anyone he liked, may never have found anyone who was worthy, or he was just not concerned with the issue at that late stage of his life. Whatever the reasons Grand Master Yip Man was truly the last Grand Master of the style. After his death and as time passed family members began to realize that they were on their own.
Wing Chun today is a very big family with schools all over the world. Any successful organization needs a leader to unite everyone and to help everyone work together. For a variety of reasons, those heirs and students of Yip Man who would be most qualified to unite and lead us have either been unwilling or unable to do so.
Now, 27 years after Yip Man's death the Wing Chun family is drifting further and further apart. Without leadership, some begin to teach in their own way and some criticize others who do not agree with their way of teaching. Some even develop theories which Yip Man never taught. There are also those who claim that they are the only "true" teachers of Wing Chun. They suggest that the only legitimate teachers of Wing Chun are those whom they have tested and found qualified. Unfortunately, such claims detract from the credibility of the entire movement and will serve only to divide the Wing Chun family. Wing Chun is a style of martial art we are talking about, an art of fighting. One has to learn and train with it for a long period of time. One has to use it in fighting to gain the applied experience. This is very serious; it can lead to life and death. It is not something you pay me money for and I xerox a copy for you. It is not that simple. Anyone who learned, trained, and fought with it for a long period of time should have understood some truths of the art. How can anyone discredit all other's experiences and call himself the only "true" artist in the world and try to lead others with such an attitude?
The basics of Wing Chun are exhibited in the forms that Yip Man left us, but principles and theories were verbally instructed by him. Each one may interpret the ideas a little differently. I am sure Yip Man would be happy to know if we, who learned from him, would carry on the benefits he gave us. If we could have a good leadership to unite everyone together, to exchange and to accept each others experience and ideas with open minds then Wing Chun could thrive. Everyone would benefit in the knowledge. Without this strong bonding and support among Wing Chun members the principle and theories Yip Man left us will be diminished from generation to generation and one day no one will recognize the style. Then Wing Chun will be just a name in the history of Martial Arts.
SiFu Duncan Leung

THE IP MAN I NEW was soft spoken, gentle, liked jokes, walked very firm, never complained, not in front of me anyway, never talked behind anybody's back, seldom to talk about himself. He was being very smooth never saying anything to upset anyone.
When I was in the regular school whenever a student asked him a question he would always ask the student to tell him the answer after the student thought about it and he would always compliment the person and tell him he was right regardless right or wrong. When I got into private lessons with him he was much different then. He did show more concern and gave many details and when I had a question he answered without hesitation always direct to the point. Even though he was not a scientist or doctor the amazing thing about him was whenever he explained theories and techniques he would always come up with some kind of example from life that made it completely clear and these things always stay with you.
He smoked a lot.
He only had a few friends that I knew of that he was close to. Basically, they were from the same place he came from.
I did Chi Sau with him every time we met all through the years he taught me never more than 15 min. because of his age. When we met it was about 1 or 2 times a week the rest I work out myself. The lessons were one hour sometimes he stayed 2 hours to check and see what I did. He would read the papers a lot in the bathroom and stay in there for a long time. When he would come out the smoke just poured out of the door. My servant hated him.
All the time with him I only have one time seen him fight. It was over in less than a second. At that time I was just a beginner in his school.
I only saw him demonstrate one time. He took a 6 and a half point pole and drove a long coffin nail all the way into a thick wall with one strike.
That is all I saw him do.
Every time I had time he wanted to go to a place to eat nearby and order Dim Sum and wanted someone to pay for it that is why he asked me to go. He would not eat very much but would read the newspaper again and I would sit there. He looked like he really enjoyed himself.
Sometimes he wanted to talk about his past and I was too young and not a good listener for these type of things so I never remembered it.
At the time I had to leave him to go to Australia at the end of my training he had quite a few senior students with him and his older students had schools around him. When I was with him personally mostly he only talked about Jiu Wan and Jiu Wan's students. He seldom talked about his own students. He was closer to Jiu Wan and somehow the direct students of Yip Man were not close to Jiu Wan's students. I never figured out why.
Yip Man was the kind of person that you could never tell inside his heart if he liked you or didn't like you. Once in a while when we were talking and some person's name came up I could tell the way he said things he actually hated the person very deep, but you would never realize it if you were to see him and the person together. He would never show know how he felt but was always nice and polite.
These are some of the memories I now have left with me of my SiFu.
SiFu Duncan Leung

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