Isochiral Music - Lucky Talisman [1 MP3]

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Lucky Talisman by Isochiral Music

[MP3 - 320 kbps - CBR]

Length : 30 min

Have you ever thought that some people just seem to always be lucky while others are unlucky? Have you ever wondered how lucky or unlucky you are? Have you ever cursed your bad luck or thought "hey I am on a roll today - I just cant lose ".

Is there a scientific reason for this ? More importantly, can luck be influenced and changed ?

The simple answer is - yes there is a scientific reason and yes it can be influenced!!

Quantum physics is the theory of the behaviour of matter and energy, particularly at the level of atoms and subatomic particles. At the sub-atomic level, quantum principles state that atomic interactions and properties can be described as waves.

Everything is made up of matter and energy. That means that we're also composed of quantum particles and at the sub atomic level quantum waves

In the most simplistic terms good luck and bad luck are quantum distortions of these waves.

So, what if we had the ability to control these quantum interactions ? We could generate more good luck and diminish the bad luck.

Using Isochiral Technology we have created a complex wave signature that will influence the quantum distortions .

Play the Isochiral  Lucky Talisman while you are picking your lottery numbers, or making your sports picks, or placing your bets , or anywhere you need luck really. Most importantly you need to expect to win.

Oh and good luck

The programme lasts for 30 minutes and has a fantastic success rate.  

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