Robert Scheinfeld – Being In Truth (Week 4) [2 MP4s, 1 PDF, 1 DOC]

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Robert Scheinfeld – Being In Truth (Week 4) [2 MP4s, 1 PDF, 1 DOC]

This upload contains the fourth 'expansion pack', i.e. the videos and assignments for week 4.

PLEASE NOTE: This upload and the three previous weekly uploads are from a newer, updated version of Being In Truth as compared to the whole course which was uploaded recently (but appears to have vanished since). There is some additional material in this version and some of the original content has been replaced.

From the product website (ht://':


A 24 Week Experience
A 24 Week Experience that will change you deeply, profoundly, and permanently

24 Multimedia Expansion Packs
24 Multimedia Expansion Packs delivered once a week over the 24 weeks

Supplementary Multimedia Resources
Supplementary Multimedia Resources that will support you with integrating the Expansion Pack content as quickly and deeply as possible for your unique Journey

Multimedia, Interactive “Clarity Checks
Multimedia, Interactive “Clarity Checks,” with precise feedback from me — designed to support you in reaching clarity about key puzzle pieces delivered through the Expansion Packs

Live, Real-Time Support From Me
Live, Real-Time Support From me via Conference Calls (after you’ve received a foundational number of Expansion Packs) that give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and discuss the Expansion Pack content — just like what happens in classes in a University or Graduate School program

Books And DVDs
Additional Resources: In a University or Graduate School Program, you’re given a list of books to get for each semester. Similarly, at the start of The Being In Truth Wave 1 Experience, you’ll be given a short list of books and DVD films to get that you’ll be exposed to as part of the Expansion Packs. The “cost” for them will be minimal, and they’re VERY important parts of the Being In Truth Wave 1 Experience.

Question And Answer Sessions
Question And Answer Sessions provided by audio recording so you can get your questions answered and interact with me in between Conference Calls

An Experience Like No Other
No more ideas, concepts and intellectual understanding that become dead ends. Actually Experience Expansion, Transformation, and Truth like you never have before

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