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An interactive guide to becoming a better lover. Interactive controls allow viewers to have a general view of the participants or from 'his' or 'hers' perspectives.

The Interactive Lovers' Guide presents all the key ingredients of a successful and happy love life, as experienced, sometimes similarly, sometimes very differently, by men and women - and with expert and relevant comment in voice over. It builds upon men's and women's very real desire to understand sex from their partner's point of view, to gain confidence by knowing what other people, of their own and of the opposite sex, are experiencing and to access tried and trusted Lovers' Guide advice. The most interactive, comprehensive and original sex guide ever produced.

Unlock your hidden passion with the new Lovers' Guide: Interactive Edition

The Lover's Guide Interactive is the ultimate guide to creating a happy and fulfilling sex life. Produced in association with Relate, this DVD offers a wealth of sexual techniques and skills to drive you and your partner to new heights of passion and pleasure.

What are the interactive features of the new Lovers' Guide?

Viewers get a 'lover’s eye' perspective of the action, from each partner's position. You can choose to watch from a general view, or take the man or woman’s perspective, whilst listening to the relevant voice-over. The easy-to-use interactive approach guides viewers to individually tailored advice, which works alongside wider-ranging information for a more complete picture.

Sexy yet educational, this DVD provides advice, information and tantalizing tips on everything you could want to know on the subject of sex --including the most orgasmic sex positions, fantasies, sex toys, relationship issues and how to keep sexual desire alive in a long-term relationship.


The Lovers’ Guide Interactive also includes a second disc offering an encyclopaedic video book of footage, stills and text allowing you to look up almost everything you want to know about sex. Also included is an A-Z of Sex feature and a relationship test.


Disc 1: Topics include: Developing Your Sexual Relationship/ Building Sensuality/ Arousing Sex Play - For Him and Her/ '69'/ Enhancing Lovemaking/ Expanding Your Sexual Repertoire/ Keeping Intimacy Alive and The Making of this Lover's Guide.

Disc 2: Sections include: 1. Making Sex Better 2. Overcoming Problems 3. Facts, Stats and Interesting Stuff 4. Sex Quiz 5. Intercourse in 3D


This upload replaces an older dead torrent and contains the complete 2 DVD set.

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